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beyond the sun

lily's corner of the web is just beyond the sun


i am an individualistic wife and mom, former holistic health practitioner and one-or-few-time game designer with a love of cooking, reading and playing dress up.

i homeschool my son (04/2011) and my daughter (08/1993) and i have a rich and full family life, and i'm happily married to weaselcreature. Yet there are often times when little is mentioned of any of those folks in my journal. It is my silly chronicle, after all. They have their own diaries for their own stories.

At times when i crave more privacy, my posts are filtered. i tend to waver between such posts and public entries with the swings of my mood. Hence the "feast or famine" nature of my journal to those outside of my friends list. Some entries, namely fluff & quizzes, are always public. For what reason, i really could not say. There is nothing cryptic about it but the entries contain no disclosures about the "real me" and are therefore harmless in that respect.

My journal is ever changing, ever evolving. At times it may be rather erudite and at others rather informal. i seems to go through periods of nostalgia at ever greater frequency these days. It is reflected in my journal. i favour myself a photo-hobbyist and so at times my journal features evidence of it. But as varied and fickle as my journal is such am i as well. i hope that you do enjoy it but know that always its primary audience is myself.
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